Sara Happ

"Do one thing. Lips. And do them perfectly."

“I’m a mom. A girl’s girl. A cheerleader for women who lift each other up. A beauty enthusiast who firmly believes the world doesn’t need more lip stuff. It needs the right stuff.

In 2005, after reading “exfoliate lips with a wet washcloth or toothbrush” for the twentieth time, knowing I had a scrub for every part of my body but my lips, I decided I’d just have to make it myself. With nothing but mixing bowls, spatulas and a desire for a flake-free pout, I concocted The Lip Scrub.

A few incredible Los Angeles store owners and some unicorn-like celebrities believed in what I was doing. People magazine ran a story about this new thing called a “lip scrub” by this girl named Sara Happ. Immediately, my website crashed, thousands of orders flooded in, and I realized they were out there: Lip girls. Beauty junkies. Exfoliation enthusiasts.”

She spent the next three years coming up with the most indulgent, effective, healing, deeply hydrating, glossy balm imaginable: The Lip Slip. It launched in 2008 and remains the company’s bestseller.