Eau d’Italie

The essence of Italy

Initially a secret between those in the know, from Positano Eau d’Italie quickly travelled the world. The key to its success being a truly Italian ingredient: la passione. With its first fragrance created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of family award winning Hotel Le Sirenus, each Eau d’Italie fragrance is lovingly created to express its own original personality, and to enhance that of the wearer.

The epitome of Italian luxury: a dazzling collection of Eaux de Parfum that takes you on a journey to the very best of Italy. Each fragrance is inspired by a quintessentially Italian experience: childhood memories of summers spent in Positano at Hotel Le Sirenuse, a scent-filled orchard in Sicily at the height of summer, a secret love affair on the shores of Lake Maggiore and chic Dolce Vita days in Capri.

Eau d’Italie creates fragrances and body care products which are always contemporary, always original, always inspiring. Each individual element is made in Italy, designed in the classical style of Italian cool.