Comptoir Sud

Bring your summer home

Since 1974, Comptoir Sud Pacifique explores, dares and shapes its olfactory creations with the same meaning: to offer a journey to the curious travelers looking for olfactory evasion, and new perfumed horizons.

The products have the smell of paradise destinations. The scents, colors and components bring your best holiday memories back to life. You immediately bring your summer home.

Comptoir Sud Pacifique also invites you to travel and is synonymous with relaxation, exotic destinations and sun. The packaging of all products are well suited to take on your trip. The bottels are made of tin and can’t break, so pack up your suitcase!

Since 2011 Valérie Pianelli has taken over the reins and is continuing the adventure. Passionate, she perceives the world through the smells… first those of her country of birth, Italy, then the smells encountered during her numerous trips around the world which inspire the collections of fragrances with the enchanting name « Eaux de Voyage »