A world made up of stories, colours, sounds and scents.

Tuttotondo is a world made up of stories, colors, sounds and scents. It’s the story of places, explored and lived intensely, and of those moments when an unknown place suddenly becomes part of us and a thousand emotions are condensed into an instant, an image… with no boundaries.

The products are described as unusual “postcards”, written using original perfumes, with pleasant textures, bright colors and sophisticated illustrations. A multi sensorial experience that tells the story of travel adventures and explorations of the world.

These moments of pleasant evasion are designed to offer the body the nutrients that every skin type needs, drawing on the surprises that come across in the places that they have visited. Respecting nature and the body, our products are paraben-free. The cleansers contain no sulphites (sodium lauryl sulphate – SLS – and sodium laureth sulphate – SLES), and the lotions contain no mineral oils or colorants.

The first postcards come from Italy, where the brand finds its origin. A pure concentrate “Designed & Made in Italy”. The Italian identity is visible both in the quality of the products, which are all conceived and created in Italy, and in their aesthetics. Even the tiniest details are taken care of completely – “tuttotondo” – offering the finest quality and rewarding the senses.

The graphics shown on the packaging of the unisex collections are created by a young and immensely talented Italian artist: Olimpia Zagnoli. Olimpia’s figures are soft, simple and colourful and her style is distinctive and unmistakable.

The graphics for the collections for men have been designed by one of the most famous international illustrators, Pablo Lobato, who is specialized in portraiture and contributes to prestigious international magazines, such as Rolling Stone USA, The New York Times, Wired and many others.

The original illustrations of the Leisure & Pleasure collection has been designed by the talented Italian artist Giò Pastori. Specialized in the collage technique, he creates visual contents characterized by a strong formal and chromatic synthesis that defines his style. In 2017, Forbes placed him among the 30 most influential artists under 30 in Europe.