The rebirth of a legend

Founded in New York during the Roaring Twenties as one of the first niche fragrance brands and olfactory avantgarde. Half a century later, Parfums CIRO is back. Combining tradition and modernity while preserving the historical legacy, a myth shines in new splendor. Combining tradition and modernity while preserving the historical legacy.

Charismatic fragrance compositions created by master craftsmen. The new fragrances continue to tell the story of the brand – away from the mainstream. Exquisite raw materials, transformed into fascinating fragrance compositions by well-known perfumers. Glamorous and characteristic, with a brilliant radiance thanks to high perfume oil concentrations.

Bold & uncompromising. Parfums CIRO has always excelled with their impressive flacon designs. The new flacon pays tribute to these historical masterpieces: an elegant, slim silhouette made of solid glass forms the exquisite vessel for the perfume creations, effectively contrasted and framed by opaque black sides. Harmoniously rounded shoulders carry a weighty metal lid finished with real gold plating. A play of contrasts: black and white, opaque and transparent – the striking design elements, combined with the distinctive typography, create a symbiosis of the Art Deco style and the reduced-elegant form language of modern design.