Maison Noir

The gateway to olfactive journeys

Maison Noir was born from the unbound passion for unique and high-quality scents that inspire people to follow new paths and empower them to be whoever they want to be.

“We try to pay homage to the tradition of French perfume craftsmanship, by lending the brand this nostalgic, still modern character.” – Claudio Denz, Co-Founder

Maison Noir is unisex and uses only the best ingredients to realize long-lasting formulas with distinct signatures. All our fragrances are crafted by the most talented individuals at the industry’s leading perfume houses.

“Fragrances inspire our senses and fire our imagination. We believe that to create great perfumes, a multidimensional approach is necessary. Therefore, we craft worlds of scent and are obsessed with including detailed elements of our story into our products.” – David Weber, Co-Founder

At Maison Noir they do not only create perfume but develop worlds of scent. They shape experiences that require them to carefully follow a creative process to meet the standards they strive for. This takes time, which they happily invest.

The results are worlds that have the power to inspire people and enable them to discover unique fragrances. They make scents tangible without having to smell them.

All products are made in France and are designed in Switzerland.