Symbiosis between seductive fragrance and purist design

Fragrance plays a very important role in our lives, both consciously and subconsciously. It is able to create or influence an atmosphere and it can affect our moods and our impressions. Born from a deep understanding, LINARI has made it their mission to combine high quality room fragrances with timeless modern designs. Synonymous with all that is pure and elegant, creating the perfect symbiosis between fragrance and design. All products are currently available in 12 appealing fragrances.

Although the fine room fragrance system will create just the right atmosphere in any private living area, it’s also ideal for public spaces and enjoys placement within top-class hotel lobbies, bars and restaurants around the world. In addition, the product is a perfect client giveaway or employee incentive gift.

The LINARI products are constantly increasing in their popularity and attractiveness, which is not only as a result of using the finest fragrances but also their timeless, modern design. All products are created by German born designer Rainer Diersche, starting with the initial shape-forming concept to the final design of the end product.