YVRA 1958

Fine fragrance house from Amsterdam

YVRA 1958 hints at the classic Eau de Colognes, with a more aromatic and transparent drive. An alternative in a world dominated by synthetic aggressive scents.

In his role as a journalist, Yvo van Regteren Altena was introduced to perfume houses and new fragrances. Several distinguished ‘noses’, including Hermès perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena, and François Demachy of Christian Dior, emboldened him to develop a fragrance of his own. In 2015, his endeavors began to bear fruit with the creation of YVRA 1958, a name that references his initials and the year of his birth.

Since his 6th birthday Yvo realized that he had the gift of the nose and started to determine scents. When he was 18 the fragrance company IFF asked him to become a “nose” and offered him a job in NYC. Yvo chose instead to become a professional cellist and studied at the Florence Conservatory. Due to an injury to his left hand, he decided to switch to study law. He later became a journalist, focusing on the world of fragrances and lifestyle.

After a journalistic career in which he traveled around the world over 36 times, he had one dream unfulfilled: instead of writing about perfumers he wanted to create his own.

Famous perfumers, including Jean-Claude Ellena of Hermès and François Demachy of Dior and Acqua di Parma, encouraged him to develop his own fragrance. The stimulus of two famous perfumers resulted in Yvo’s first creation of YVRA 1958 l’Essence de l’Essence.