Refresh to the imperative eight glasses of water a day

A staple at Fashion Week and loved by A-listers the world over, MyBKR is the must-have that elegantly delivers the most crucial element for flawless beauty—water.
This luminous beauty essential will motivate you to drink 10x more water and love it. No product you’re using is going to work if you’re dehydrated. MyBKR is the solution to staying truly hydrated and helps to create the foundation for a gorgeous complexion so skincare and makeup can do their work.

Tal Winter and Kate Cutler always believed that inner and outer beauty was connected, and that hydration was the foundation of both.
They became fast aware of what would be one of the most important environmental and health issues of their time: the many implications of single-use plastics and made the decision to break up with single-use plastic water bottles.
Fundamentally disliking the metal and plastic reusable alternatives, their clean, addictive, cult favorite, small-mouth, original glass water bottle is sustainable and eco at its core.