Mirko Buffini

The excellence of Made in Italy

Founded in 2012 by the namesake designer, Mirko Buffini Firenze plunges its roots in the tradition of Florentine perfumery school.

The olfactory experience of Mirko Buffini starts with a gift received from a friend: a fragrance that inspires his tireless research of the perfect perfume.

Mirko Buffini Firenze‘s fragrances keep all the olfactory notes gathered during different journeys beyond the traditional geographic borders, in which the excellence of Made in Italy is seen as the starting and ending point, emphasizing the quality of row materials and the artisan process.

In June 2013, Mirko Buffini launched his first line: the “BLACK” collection, made up of 12 fragrances and designed after two years of trials by involving the finest noses of the world.
In 2015 the “MU” eau de parfum won the award “fragrance of the year” in Japan.